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Fits traditional P-90 cavity.
Neck is RW/RP for hum-cancelling in middle switch position.
Available in black or cream soapbar covers.


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The GT-90 is a perfect blend of traditional P-90 style and Thorn innovation. A balanced output that retains warmth and drive without being overly distorted, midrange-heavy, or thin and weak.

The neck pickup produces thick, yet clear, bell-like tones with just enough bottom-end to handle even the heaviest of overdrives or distortions. 7.25k

The bridge pickup can drive the front-end of your amplifier like a classic humbucker, but still retains note definition with the added girth and grind that is inherent in the sound of a great P-90 pickup. 8.90k

For the player that loves the sound of P-90s but is looking for that extra edge, the Thorn staple-top GT-90 will end your search for the ultimate tone.

Play the Tone!


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